The UK’s premier reggae drummer with over 30 years studio and stage experience.

Horseman has worked with the likes of Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Scientist and Prince Fatty. Artists include Wailing Souls, Max Romeo, Sugar Minott, Twinkle Brothers, Winston Francis, Earl 16, Hollie Cook, Mungos Hi-Fi and many more…

“Horseman is a unique drummer with a magic touch. Having worked with him from 1981, I can safely say he is one of the best reggae drummers” - Mad Professor (Ariwa)

“Horseman’s drums are my go-to for loops and sampling in my studio recordings. Raw and organic with a authentic fatness, the sounds are unparalleled to any other reggae dub drum samples I’ve heard.” - Stick Figure

“Horseman is one of the best reggae drummers outside of Jamaica. Tight yet soulful grooves every time!” - Mungo’s Hifi

“The most versatile and by far the most experienced, no one comes close in the studio or on stage” - Prince Fatty

Horseman presents 68 brand new full length drum performances ranging from 65-142 bpm recorded by Prince Fatty at the Ironworks, Brighton and the Fish Market, London to the highest standards using professional vintage analogue equipment. All performances laid out in classic reggae style with intro, fills and variations.

The drum Multi-Tracks include separate Kick, Snare, Hat, Toms, Overheads, Percussion and a Spring Reverb for authentic style. Sessions include a tempo-mapped Pro Tools session file, OMF file (for importing into other DAW such as Logic) and a midi tempo map for DAW sync or external MIDI gear.

The drum kits used include vintage Sonor, Ludwig and a 1970’s Rodgers Big-R - tuned to precision by Horseman. The product audio previews include a spring reverb track (the drums are recorded dry).

Please note: All samples here are provided as multiple mic stems from the original recording sessions which you can reload into your DAW for complete control over the sound and mixdown. You are not supplied with a collection of finely edited short loops, these are full length multitrack recordings.